D-OFFICIAL BRANDS is an authentic, home-grown company offering a vast array of Original, Detroit-Based, Unisex Apparel, Merchandise & Accessories. We also provide one-of-a-kind customization services to our local customers based upon popular request and/or demand.


D-Official Brands was established at a time when Detroit, Michigan - along with the rest of the world - faced the most challenging era we could have ever anticipated within the dawn of a new millennium - The Coronavirus (Covid-19) Global Pandemic... Originally referred to as 1OAK Detroit, LLC (1 O.f A. K.ind Detroit), our company's sole mission quickly shifted from, simply, selling quality t-shirts, baseball caps and leather goods, to offering premium, cost-efficient personal protective equipment, such as headwraps, face-masks, latex gloves & hand sanitizers, due to such ugly, unforseen and unfortunate circumstances.  As an added motivating factor, however, we also, consciously, coined the inspirational phrase "UN-D-FEATED," and began branding it on t-shirts, face coverings and other merchandise/accessories, as a clear message to the Universe, "We Will Not Lose!!!..."   Accordingly, somewhere around mid to late October, of 2020, our founder and CEO, Victor L. Walker, gained an entirely new perspective of our young, burgeoning company:

"Detroit City, is not merely a little, well-known, '1 Of A Kind,' municipal entity. In fact, we have been, consistently - yet, oftentimes, infamously - recognized for having undergone nearly every extreme life situation one could possibly experience; from the best of the best, to the worst of the worst. And we are Tried, Tested & True - a constant work in progress. Therefore, our history speaks for itself - We Are OFFICIAL! No,.. We Are D-OFFICIAL!!!"


It is our sole mission to restore full faith and confidence in Detroit's original, hometown motto - "Spearmus Meliora; Resurget Cineribus!" - which means "We Hope For Better Things; It Will Rise From The Ashes!" And it is our earnest goal to help manifest this via freedom, fashion and the power of creative self-expression.

D-OFFICIAL BRANDS - "ORIGINAL" (White Logo Collection)

D-OFFICIAL BRANDS - "ORIGINAL" (Black Logo Collection)

D-OFFICIAL BRANDS "ORIGINAL" (Orange Logo Collection)

D-OFFICIAL BRANDS "Rips The Runway!"